A Culture of Excellence: 2 Leaders Can Make A Difference

What we witnessed today was something far greater than a simple school election. Today, both candidates for Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Board of Education Place 1, Dr. Marilyn Tolbert and former Boswell Choir Instructor Ron Franklin set up shop outside the Administration building in hopes of securing votes for their campaign. They both took extensive time to talk with community members and share their vision. Throughout the day the candidates would talk with each other and were extremely friendly. But at the end of the day is when it truly got interesting, Dr. Tolbert walked over to Mr. Franklin to wish him luck and the group prayed together. This prayer was not about the winner but for the success of the school district. At the end of the night when it was determined that Dr. Tolbert had won the election, Mr. Franklin called to congratulate her.

We live in a time where you expect politics to be dirty and you don’t expect these simple gestures of kindness but if you grew up in Saginaw you know that we live by a code. A code where we build “a culture of excellence” and where every day is “a great day to be a pioneer.” While individuals have a different way of doing things, we respect each other’s opinions. We were raised to be leaders in our community. What started out as a small town with less than 500 people in the 1960’s has turned into a town of nearly 25,000. We are a proud people, and our growth is something that makes both our city and school district shine. People come to Saginaw and they are able to bond with our southern hospitality.

Both Dr. Marilyn Tolbert and Ron Franklin have served our community for decades and we owe them a debt of gratitude. They continue to fight for us in the face of darkness during this pandemic. They continue to lead and steer the directions of our students and they lead by example. The other candidate Trustee Paige Ring has served our community and district for over 10 years. She is an advocate who not only leads from the top but gets down in the trenches. From leading the board as Vice President to working in the concession stands to support our district, Paige has shown us what it is to facilitate greatness. This town and school district has taught us that you can go from being a one store town known for its trains to a nationally recognized hotspot in Texas. We are proud and grateful for their leadership. We will continue to be gracious and follow them into the future.



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