Why STAAR Testing Should Be Abolished

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Michael Moates and I am a Doctor of Education with an Emphasis in Leadership and a concentration of Community College Leadership student at Fielding Graduate University and a Master of Arts with areas of study in Psychology and Strategic Communications Student at Liberty University.

Student Anxiety

When I was in school from 3rd — 11th Grade we had the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test of TAKS. This test would make me sick. I don’t mean nervous I mean sick to the point where the school would call my parents and send me home because of the anxiety put on to me by some politicians in Austin, TX.

Not only did these politicians cause me severe anxiety, they made me feel inadquite. They made students feel as if our worth was dependent on these exams.

Teaching To The Exams

Teachers began teaching to these exams. Classes became less about having fun with learning and working toward these exams. We went from fun science experiments in the field to crazy long benchmarks.


We were taught to believe that these exams were so important that we had to pass them in order to graduate. Let me tell you that I was a student who obtained his bachelors degree before graduating high school because of these exams. I had completed all the requirements to graduate but because I would get so sick during these exams I was unable to complete them.


Schools receive funding based on testing scores. What doesn't make sense, is when you start taking funding away from schools who have low test scores. You're going to take funding away from the school that is already struggling and make it fail worse by not having the resources it needs.

Standardized testing in public schools must become a thing of the past. If this week has proven anything, it's that the standardized testing still has many problems including technical problems. The only reason they continue to fund these exams is because the majority of politicians receive funding from companies that run these exams.



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